I grew up in suburban America. Played baseball, hide-and-seek with the neighborhood boys, rode my bike to school, life was good. My chores were taking out the garbage, cleaning the pool, feeding the dogs. How can it be that a few short years later I’m waking at 6:00am to help feed and muck horses? That my weekends and evenings are spent fixing fence, planting gardens, building paddocks, hauling horses, unloading hay and dragging arenas? Well, because I’m a Horse Husband.

I’m not complaining about the lot I live, in fact my wife and I chose this rural lifestyle for the innumerable fringe benefits. Quiet mornings, knickers, meows and tail wagging, crisp garden veggies, the cackle of our hens after laying fresh, brown eggs, great way to raise kids. The work is hard, but the life is sweet, and a true blessing from God.

I’ve been at it quite a few years now, and I believe I have a lot to offer any other “horse husbands” out there who may not yet realize what world they have entered. I will offer advice from halters to Half Arabians and colts to compost, and other tidbits I’ve learned at Horsey U! (The horse school of hard knocks)

So welcome to Horsey Husband, and don’t forget to latch the gate.

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4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Nicole

    What an interesting idea! Do you have any funny horse stories? I am always in need for a good chuckle : )

  2. Joel Chapman

    I agree with Nicole. Definitely a great idea. And I love to hear the stories from on the farm.


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